7 Big Reasons To Stop Using Plastic Bottles fo Good

Plastics, in general, are a Huge Problem for Our Planet & needs to be Resolved on a Global Level fast & efficiently, Squishy just wants to do their part by helping you make the switch from plastic bottles easy, but don’t just take our word for it,


  • Number 1:  Plastic Bottles are simply Bad for you! they’re made from harmful toxins and chemicals, which when they have been reused exposed to air or sunlight they slowly release these toxic properties into our body.
  • Number 2:  Plastic bottles decompose slowly overtime, centuries, releasing harmful chemicals & toxins into the soil harming our environment & ecosystems. Once beautiful scenic landscapes now turned to landfill to cope with plastic waste alone. Things aren’t getting any better.
  • Number 3:  Bottled Water alone is anywhere from 300% – 9000% More Expensive than if you were to just use ordinary Tap Water. ( Save Money Drink Filtered Tap Water Instead )
  • Number 4:  2/3 People Couldn’t tell the difference between tap water and bottled water as reported on the daily show live, Doctors interviewed a small audience to find that Most People Preferred the New York filtered tap water to any of the bottled water subjects.
  • Number 5:  Think that recycling is the Answer? .. (..ALWAYS RECYCLE..) ”Recycling just 2 tons (36,000 16-ounce plastic bottles = 1 ton) of plastic bottles saves almost four barrels of oil.” but According to extensive studies done by the NRDC in US landfills across the 52 states only around 13% of all Bottles made are actually recycled on average any given year.
  • Number 6:  To put number 4 into perspective 19 Billion Tonnes of Plastic Bottles are Made Every Year yet 2 MILLION Tonnes Ended up in US landfills alone, a little crazy don’t ye
    think? That’s 72,000,000,000 Empty Bottles.
  • Number 7:  Millions & Millions of Tonnes of Oil & Fossil Fuels are Burned & Wasted in the making and transportation of said plastic bottles every single year leading to further pollution.

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