So Why Is Squishy Bottle So Good

So Why Is Squishy Bottle So Good

While the water bottle market is saturated with different takes on the classic overused plastic bottles, we present to you a squishy water bottle with a tremendous difference. Unlike most water bottles, we designed our squishy water bottle to look and function better than any other water bottle!

Our squishy drink bottles are the best in their category in terms of quality. It conforms to the highest standards of quality and they are easily the best reusable squishy water bottles you can find in the market.

The squishy water bottles are made from ultra-durable, toxin free, highest grade Medical Silica that is SAFE for your body and environmentally friendly. No more worrying about harmful chemicals such as BPA affecting your health, which are present in many water bottles.

The Squishy drink bottles are designed to withstand everyday use and regular cleaning. Our squishy bottles last 28X longer than the regular water bottles. Unlike rigid water bottles that are full of hot air when empty, our squishy drink bottles can be rolled. This means it goes more places and fits in tighter spaces than any other

The lids are leakproof and dustproof to ensure better viability when you bring them to work or to the gym in your car or sports bag. We believe that clean tap water is the best, and that reusable bottles will keep disposable bottles out of the landfill.

Not only are our squishy water bottles reusable, durable, good for the environment and handy, they are pretty affordable. Priced accordingly per bottle, you can feel good about your contribution to keeping the environment disposable bottle-free. Don’t waste time with inferior products, and buy the very best squishy water bottle from us! It’s the way water bottles are supposed to be made, with top quality Medical Silica that’s BPA free! That means NO LEECHING awful tastes. If you are looking for a squishy bottle that is durable and safe, our squishy water bottle is the right choice!

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