What I Think About Plastic Bottles & Why Squishy is Better!

What I Think About Plastic Bottles & Why Squishy is Better!

With the ever-expanding global economy, we are finding that as a planet we are not doing enough to preserve and maintain our beautiful wildlife and oceans,

with over 110,000,000 Million Tons of plastics gets dumped every single year and we need to make the change to preserve the environment and we need to make that change now..

its a big ask i know but we all need to get to a conscious level about what we are actually doing to our planet,

Come to mind i think its kinda funny how we have fleets of cruise ships out there that produce more harmful gasses to our environment than all the cars in Europe combined,, if you actually just sit back and think about it one cruise ship produces more harmful pollutants than most the cars in the world combined, now before I go overboard..

We wont stop there, we are depleting our oceans by killing away our wildlife in our oceans due to illegal dumping, and really that' just the tip of the iceberg but we need to act fast globally get the word out and really cut down on plastics and save our planet one step at a time

So How Can We Go About Solving This Global Issue??

well the first step is cut down on plastics, and start to reduce reuse recycle if you havent already, if you wanna cut down on the plastic bottles in which you use in this current day and age, collectively we need to get squishy

Squishybottle is quite amazing as it uses no harmful plastics and in fact its actually made from the best highest-grade silica on the market that we could find, we really need you to check out this amazing bottle and spread the word for us when you see all the benefits it really has, please refer to other pages on our site..

together we can collectively save the planet, one bottle at a time, take the Leap Make A Change.. Be The Change....

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