Our more Commonly Asked Questions

Hope these resolve your issues, if not feel free to contact one of the experts in our team or drop a message down below!!! We’ll Be in Touch ASAP, Thanks.. 🙂

Is The Squishy Bottle Suitable For Kids?

Yes! In Fact it was actually designed with child proofing messes so with our silicon seal provided its screwed on of course overs an airtight seal which can only be opened by either squeezing the bottle or activating the release valve. so even if your toddler holds it upside down you’ll have no spills or mess to clean up..

Is The Squishy Bottle Strong & Stable?

Yes! Although its Squishy, Flexible, Rigid & Compact it is very strong, universal and durable! whether your into extreme sports or just going for a short walk, you can have that added piece of mind now knowing that your Squishy is crash & collision tested, with Multiple Leak-proof seals to ensure no spillage, even when if you are being a little careless and open it upside down..

Is The Squishy Bottle Easy Cleaned?

Yes! In Fact its actually made from some of the Highest Grade Medical Silica that is 100% BPA free and this makes it super safe and even easier to clean, just add some warm water maybe add a little bit soap shake it, empty and rinse out! its actually that simple! and because of its high quality durable silicone shell its highly suitable under extreme high pressure washes like a dishwasher for instance! easiest bottle iv ever cleaned!!!

Do Many People Buy Squishy?

Not as many as we would like! we are currently working on distribution warehouses so that we can get our products to you as fast as next day delivery, but we cant fix our shipping times till we get more orders therefore its just a waiting game till we blow the water bottle industry out of the water, with our Great Value, Next Day Delivery & High Quality Products Guarantee.

Are Squishy Bottles Good For The Environment?

Yes, yes they are, unlike other plastic bottles which are bad for the environment and usually harm our planet in very devastating & harmful ways, the way plastics are manufactured alone cause for concern because they put awful pollutants into our planet which ever increase and adds to the growth and build up of green house gasses, soon Plastic will be redundant and Our Medical Grade Silica is some of the best in Renewable Organic Reusable Food Grade Materials Out There, so you know were Better….

How Many Visitors Does Squishy Get?

Hey Yes good question.. mhh Squishy Currently gets between 1900 – 6000 Visitors a day, but it really depends on what campaigns and promotions we have going on at any given time.

How Fast Do You Guys Ship & When Will I Receive My Order?

Allow 1 Day Processing and 1-2 weeks shipping, Fastest Shipping Times 2-5 Days, Exclusive to Dense Country Populations… All Orders Will Be Issued With Their Own Tracking Code upon dispatch to your country this can take 2 days to a week yet again down to your location…

What Exclusive Guarantees Does Squishy Offer?

We offer a Unique Exclusive 60 Day Return Money Back Guarantee to ensure your Satisfaction 🙂